An Important Issue in Ophthalmology

Ocular examinations, interventions, and surgeries are the most frequent medical aids in the United States and the world. Ocular interventions are also the most delicate and sensitive operations during which any fine unwanted movements can cause major ocular injuries. Thus, successful ocular interventions need motionless and fixed eyeballs. Therefore, there is a major need for safe fixation of the eyeball without any adverse events and preventing unwanted post-operation consequences.

Innovative solution

We-as Ocusur team- have invented an ophthalmology surgical patent “Eyeball Fixator Speculum” for safe fixation of the eyeball for short-term and long-term fine ocular examinations and interventions. The patent also retracts the eyelids in order to expose the examination and intervention area. Two forms of the invention are going to be manufactured and marketed, including multi-use form and a disposable one.

Ophthalmology Statistics in Brief

• Globally, at least 2.2 billion people have a type of vision impairment. • 312 million aged under 19 years were reported to have myopia in 2015. • 76 million people (40 to 80 years of age) had glaucoma in 2020. • 2.5 million people of all ages had trachomatous trichiasis in 2019. • 1.8 billion people of all ages had presbyopia in 2015. • 146 million adults with diabetic retinopathy (the global prevalence of any diabetic retinopathy (34.6%) • 195.6 million people aged 30 to 97 years had age-related macular degeneration in 2020. • 188.5 million people with mild vision impairment in which the causes are unknown.

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          "Safe Fixation of the Eyeball; Safety and Peace of Mind in Ocular Interventions and Surgeries"

OcuSur Technologies Canada Inc. is a Canadian company active in designing and developing of innovative ophthalmological medical instruments and surgical tools for a global market.


Gold Medal at iCAN2022

The 7th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2022 Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS)

Ophthalmology Statistics in Brief

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