OcuSur Technologies Canada Inc.; Creative Pioneer in Ophthalmology

OcuSur Technologies Canada Inc. is a start-up company and is going to design, develop, and market innovative ophthalmological medical instruments and surgical tools. We are going to expand our business in North America, the United States, and globally. The brands of Medical instruments with a mark of Made in Canada will face with excellent marketing status. Ocusur will also harvest advantageous opportunities for startup businesses including universities, industrial centers, government programs, venture capitals, and investors. Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA) in Winnipeg, Manitoba provides a supportive environment for the growth of startups especially businesses in the fields of healthcare and medical instruments. OcuSur with an expert and innovative team is going to develop and commercialize novel products that are being designed and developed. The official members of OcuSur Technologies Canada Inc. are:
Dr. Abdolrasool Malekpour as OCUSUR's CEO with 10 years background in research deputy of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, has developed 5 novel inventions, as well as 2 provisional patents in USPTO and published more than 30 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals. As the main innovation core, he pays to innovative aspects of the projects and conducts their scientific development, patent registration, intellectual properties, and also the development of the innovations to be marketable. He also makes the inventions and assesses their efficacy in clinical and field trials.
Dr. Mohammadreza Khalili an ophthalmology specialist and faculty member (Associated professor) of ophthalmology at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, has a great background in innovative research and development. He had published more than 50 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and has 2 registered provisional patents in USPTO. He helps the team in making and developing the patents and plans clinical trials projects for assessment of the quality and efficacy of the inventions. He also helps the innovative potential of the group to discover and meet the needs in the field of ophthalmology and eye health.
Mr. Saeid Afsharzad is an industrial engineer with years of experience as a project manager and entrepreneur with expertise in international trades. Saied is a friend of ours and was a big help to prepare the business plan and to emphasize the value proposition of our inventions. He is good at Persian, English, and Mandarin language. He was acting for a few years as a product designer for industrial and residential use. Saeid owns a company in Iran and in China active in import and export. We are sure that this is a piece of luck for our group to have him as a business developer in our group to help us to make our invention accessible technology in the medical market.
Dr. Hamidreza Mehrafsar with bright innovative background and 2 registered provisional Patents in USPTO, follows the regulatory issues for commercializing the products, sets the meetings with customers, planning courses for marketing products. He will also manage all relation of the company with academic and industrial centers.
Mr. Homayoon Heidarnia graduated in Computer software and computer network engineering has a great background in computer networking, website development, online marketing, project manager, and IT administration. Based on his excellent experiences in electronics, robotics, and software development, he develops the control electronic part of the project. Considering his excellent experience in digital and web-based marketing, he will pay for website development and digital marketing.