Advantages and Capabilities

The eyeball fixator speculum has advantages that will set it apart from the competitors:
1- As a speculum, it can provide a safe and harmless fixation of the eyeball.
2- It can be manufactured in disposable and multi-use forms.
3- It can be manufactured in (semi-) automatic or manual formats.
4- It can provide disinfection and moisturizing eyeball in ocular surgeries.
5- It does not need someone to hold it during the ocular interventions.
6- It does not make physical or spatial disturbances for practitioners.
7- It is made from FDA-approved materials that will not be degraded by sterilization.
8- It provides safety and peace of mind for patients and ophthalmologists.

Benefits for Patients:
1-Safe ocular surgeries
2- Better outcomes; the better healing process
3- Fewer post-operation complications

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals:
1- Provides a safe fixation of the eyeball for all ocular interventions and surgeries
2- Decreasing the need for other manipulations such as rinsing with the solutions
3- Increase in the accuracy of ocular surgeries
4- Prevention of medical malpractice events

Commercial benefits to investors and partners:
1-Highly needed in ophthalmology health care; needed in every ocular intervention
2- Global marketing opportunity
3- Advanced, clean, and high-tech product
4- Keeping the rights with Intellectual Property (patent)
5- Ascending rates of demand in ocular surgeries and interventions
6- Help build a skilled and knowledgeable global audience
7- Improved employee retention and recruitment
8- Involvement in a groundbreaking and growing project
9- Enable a revolution in the evolution of ophthalmology