OCUSUR Technology Canada Inc. team has the intellectual property (IP) right for their technical invention. It allows us to prevent others from using your invention for commercial purposes for up to 20 years. OCUSUR is going to register the new inventions as patents and keep the intellectual properties of the patents for further steps of the marketing. Due to the high potential of the available market in the field of ocular health and medicine, the team mainly pays attention to unsolved needs. The principals, to date, have spent ample time on the development and research of the current patents which will satisfy the market demand for safer, less complicated medical examinations and surgeries. The team also is going to make, develop, and keep the intellectual property of highly innovative Intraocular Lens Holders for the treatment of ocular refractory disorders. Besides, the expert team seeks further technological needs in the field of ophthalmology and applies innovation to provide a solution for prospective and available problems.