The invention “Ocular speculum with the capability of fixation of the eyeball” can provide safe fixation of the eyeball with less needed handling, providing stable conditions for ophthalmologists and surgeons. The patent also prevents post-operation ocular infections and ophthalmitis by decreasing ocular injuries and rinsing disinfecting agents during the surgeries. The mentioned patent also retracts the eyelids in order to expose the examination and intervention area. Ocular speculum with the capability of fixation of the eyeball and keeping the eye surface moisturized during the operation; medical equipment highly needed in all ocular examinations and surgeries. The invention includes both mechanical and electronic (control) parts. The mechanic part is made of stainless steel and includes two arms adjustable for flexion and extension. The suction and vacuum (needed for fixation of the eyeball), rinsing, and collecting saline solution are controlled by the electronic (control) part. In order to keep the surface of the eyeball moist, normal saline (which may contain pharmaceutical agents to prevent post-operative ophthalmitis and infections) is injected from the middle edges of the ocular part of the speculum, programmed or manually, and keeps the eyeball wet. This invention can provide safe fixation of the eyeball during surgery and ocular examinations (in addition to opening the eyelids), washing, disinfecting and keeping the eye surface moist during the operations (preventing corneal surface drying). It could be sterilized in an autoclave and used repeatedly. It also could be manufactured in the form of disposable or multi-use.